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Making Friends with a Leopard

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 12:24pm
leopard 001_ D Mattner.jpg leopard 002_D Mattner.jpg

Hi everyone

My first week as a Carnivore Keeper at Adelaide Zoo was incredible, meeting all the animals of the Big Cat round and learning how to care for them. Don't tell the other big cats but our Persian Leopard “Cubba” has fast become my favourite cat on the round!

Cubba was born here so has seen his fare share of new faces at Adelaide Zoo, and just like every keeper before me I have had to build up a relationship with him.

Building a positive relationship with the animals you work with is very important, just like trust between two friends. A good relationship not only helps with moving the animals between areas for purposes such as cleaning and maintenance, but also for training and health checks such as weighing.

Now, just like any man, I figured the way to Cubba's heart was through his stomach. My fellow Carnivore Keepers advised me that Cubbas favourite food is chicken and that he would do almost anything for it.

Anytime I called Cubba and he came up to door he was rewarded with a piece of chicken. Quickly Cubba learned that I was the provider of his favourite food and now I can call him anywhere, back or front of the exhibit and also into his den. Moving him into his den is important so we can go into his exhibit to clean and put out food and/or enrichment, such as fresh herbs.

The only time Cubba does ignore me is when he is in his favorite snoozing spot (a platform at the front of his enclosure), soaking up the afternoon sun.

Until next time,




That sounds amazing keeper arliah!! Say hi to cubba for me xxx
Posted By: Anika Edwards on Saturday, February 27, 2010 8:11am
What a fantastic job you have - and rewarding. Keep up the good work......
Posted By: Margot McCudden on Tuesday, March 02, 2010 11:56am

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