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More about Mujambi

Monday, July 27, 2009 10:36am

Listen to our Head Vet talk about the medication that Mujambi, our male lion, is being given to try to control his seizures.


Go to our "Zoo Bites" blogs to find out more Mujambi.

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The day I met the bravest person in the world

Friday, July 24, 2009 10:41am
etsa countdown clock 002.jpg

One of my roles as a zoo photographer is to photograph zoo events both inside the zoo grounds and at outside venues. The most recent one I had to photograph was the opening of the ‘Panda Countdown Clock’ on top of the ETSA building on Anzac Highway. For event photography I try and plan ahead for the shots that people require, then move about the crowd and try to be invisible while I take the photographs. The media were there also, photographing The Premier Mike Rann who officially started the clock on its countdown to the arrival of the pandas in adelaide. Also in attendance was the Adelaide Zoo’s CEO Chris West, zoo staff, ETSA staff and of course ‘Funi’ the panda was putting in a guest appearance.

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Computed Radiography Machine

Thursday, July 02, 2009 11:59am
echidna xray.jpeg

Hi All,

Things are really moving along at the moment in the Animal Health Department.  From a nursing point of view, we have a terrific team of nurses here that work incredibly hard to ensure that all the animals under our care get the very best care available.

We are still working hard at raising enough money by the end of the year to keep our Computed Radiography machine ($45 000 to go.........). 

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