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Sad News at Warrawong

Wednesday, August 03, 2011 2:16pm
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Sad news at Warrawong with the passing of one of our hand raised Bandicoot joeys.

During a recent census at Warrawong, two Southern Brown Bandicoot joeys were found thrown from mum's pouch. The sisters were hand reared for a time, named Isa and Obel and became quite friendly.

Unfortunately the smaller one, Obel, was found dead on Sunday 17th July. Her death was rather sudden; animal care staff noticed that she did not eat well starting on Friday. The exact cause of her death is unknown.

Her sister, Isa, is doing well and enjoys fruit and mealworms everyday. She also has begun to find food on her own by digging holes in search of insects, roots and truffles of fungus.

At Warrawong, we estimate there are approximately 100 Bandicoots in the Sanctuary. Many joeys have been seen scooting about recently which is great news for our population. Southern Brown Bandicoots are classified as vulnerable in South Australia.

Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary


Poor little Obel, may she rest in peace. I'm sure you all cared for her and Isa as best you could, but sometimes those sad things happen.

Please just keep up the wonderful work for our beautiful animals.

Posted By: Suzie Waide on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 5:43pm
Dear little bubby Obel, Very sad news. You guys really do a wonderful job and sometimes nature just has a harsh reality. these things are just part of the circle.
Kind regards
Posted By: Sheryl on Friday, August 26, 2011 8:17pm

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