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Rocking for Rhinos

Friday, October 16, 2009 5:07pm

Zoos SA Planetkeeper programs are active education programs that are designed to help students learn about, and raise money for in situ conservation programs.

At the zoo, students learn about endangered species, meet them up close, and participate in conservation activities. Once back at school, students then choose what actions they will take to raise awareness or funds for in situ conservation programs.

Adam’s focus was rhinos. He decided to share his research by writing and performing a song. Originally written to perform to his peers at assembly, it has now been made into a film clip that aims to raise global awareness of the situation facing rhinos. Young people teaching and inspiring young people - now that’s making a difference!

Our Rhino Planetkeeper program helps support the Asian Rhino Project. Visit to find out more about this important conservation work they are doing in the wild.


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