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Rescued Sea Eagle

Friday, April 23, 2010 11:29am
White Bellied Sea Eagle 001.jpg White Bellied Sea Eagle 003.jpg

Saw a White-bellied Sea Eagle this morning, brought in by the Australian Marine Wildlife Research and Rescue Organization (AMWRRO). A beautiful bird with impressive powerful talons that we made sure we avoided!

The sub-adult bird had been found floating in the water very cold and wet. After drying out, rehydrating and being kept warm for 24 hours, the eagle’s attitude had improved a lot. We took some xrays to look for any fractures, ingested fish-hooks etc, and took some blood to run some tests – all looked pretty good. After he has a couple more days to regain his strength, he should be OK to be re-released back to the wild.

Dave McLelland, Zoos SA Vet


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