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More Meerkats Babies!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 12:49pm
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On the morning of Sunday, September 12th, we discovered that our expectant breeding pair of meerkats had finally delivered another litter of pups here at Adelaide Zoo.

Over the next few weeks their mum, together with the rest of the family and keepers, will keep a very close eye on them while they remain in one of their heated dens.  However, occasionally you may see the babies being carried out by mum and left in the sun for their siblings to fuss over.

So, if you are passing the giraffe exhibit and happen to see the little pink squirmers left out, don’t worry, it’s all a normal part of meerkat life for them to be out now and again, even while their eyes are still shut and before they grow their fur.

At this stage we do not know what sex the young ones are.  They will remain in the care of mum and family until they are approximately 6 weeks old.  At that time they will all get a thorough health check, their own microchip and we will also determine if their siblings have more brothers and/or sisters to run around with.

Since being housed together, 8 young in total have been raised by this pair.  This time last year, 2 males were born, then 3 females in February and quickly followed by 3 more males in April, after an 11 week gestation period.

Meerkats don’t tend to breed in the winter months as it is too cold.  But sensing the warmer weather that’s hopefully on the way, they have been quick to get the breeding season off to a great start with the 4 new young ones.

Stay tuned….in 11 more weeks I may be writing about another litter!!! Fingers crossed……….


Mammal Keeper, Adelaide Zoo


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