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Fennec Fox Kits on Display at Adelaide Zoo

Friday, January 06, 2012 11:50am

Adelaide Zoo is pleased to announce the birth of two healthy Fennec Fox kits, one male and one female, born October 17, 2011.

Matt and Scamp, Adelaide Zoos breeding pair of Fennec Foxes, are proving to be great parents caring for their kits diligently.
Following the birth a visual barrier was placed around the front of the exhibit to give both parents and kits privacy, but this has slowly been rolled back introducing the kits to the public. 

The cute kits had been spending much of their time tucked safely away in the den but are now venturing out to explore their environment and play. School holiday visitors are sure to catch a glimpse of the cute pair! 

After being noticed by Keepers, Adelaide Zoo Veterinarians and a Veterinary Eye Specialist have confirmed that the male Fennec Fox kit has glaucoma in its right eye. This is not a genetic condition however he will not regain full sight. All are confident that his left eye will remain healthy. 

• Fennec Fox are found in desert and semi-desert regions across northern Africa and north of Sinai.
• They are the smallest of all foxes and weigh a mere 1-1.5kgs.
• Fennec Foxes eat insects, lizards and rodents while dates and locusts are their favourite treats.
• The main threat facing Fennec Foxes is poaching for the tourist trade, where they are either sold to tourists or put on display for them to see.


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