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Critically Endangered White Cheeked Gibbon Born at Adelaide Zoo

Friday, September 30, 2011 11:57am
Adelaide Zoo is celebrating the birth of a critically endangered White Cheeked Gibbon baby, born Wednesday September 14.
The White Cheeked Gibbon is in decline in the wild due to deforestation and poaching for the wildlife trade, and this baby is very important to the genetic diversity of the captive population in the Australasian region.
Primate Keeper, Mandy Smith, said Adelaide Zoo is playing a key part in ensuring the survival of this unique species, and the as yet unnamed baby will become part of its managed breeding program.
 “The baby’s mother, Viet, and father, Remus, are doing a fantastic job caring for their newborn and so far the baby is looking strong and healthy,” Ms Smith said.  
The new family remained off-limits for the first week after the baby’s birth to keep disturbances to a minimum, but they are now spending a few hours a day in the fig trees they call home, in the South East Asia exhibit.
White Cheeked Gibbons are born golden in colour before gradually turning black. Females turn gold again when they reach maturity at around five years of age, whereas males remain black.
The baby’s gender is not yet known and it may be some weeks before it can be determined.
The White Cheeked Gibbon’s natural habitat is in Loas, Vietnam and Southern China.


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