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Orangutan Birthdays (part 1)

Sunday, August 01, 2010 10:45am
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Hi everyone

Kluet and Karta, our two beautiful Sumatran Orangutans, have both recently celebrated birthdays. Kluet's birthday was on the 18th July, whilst Karta celebrated her birthday only 4 days later on the 22nd. At 28 years of age, Karta is middle aged but Kluet is still only a teenager as he has only just turned 15. While Kluet is already a bit bigger than Karta, he has a lot more growing to do and he will probably put on another 30 or 40 kilograms before he is fully grown.

Kluet and Karta have been living together for just over 3 months now and they are loving each others company. We generally ask them to separate at night so Kluet can eat his food in peace as Karta simply loves her food! Kluet, being a laid back kind of fella, happily eats at a slow pace while Karta races around gobbling up everything as quickly as she can. So by separating them at night we can be confident that Kluet gets to eat all his dinner just as a growing boy should. During the day they are never very far from one another’s side. Many times the keepers have seen Karta and Kluet holding hands or putting their arm around each other when it's cold.

To celebrate their birthdays and highlight the impact that palm oil has had on orangutan populations, the orangutans were given a birthday box full of treats. I will let you know soon how they enjoyed their presents and hopefully some photos too!!

Until next time.


Orangutan Keeper, Adelaide Zoo


I have just been given the gift of adoption for Kluet for my birthday in December by my brother and came online to find out more about him. It was so nice to find this beautiful article about Kluet and his relationship with Karta. Loved reading it! Thanks! Ann.
Posted By: Ann on Monday, January 03, 2011 10:01pm

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