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Ady & Tasko Update

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 3:15pm
ady sealion 01.JPG tasko sealion 01.JPG

Well, the most exciting news would be that Ady is pregnant (see video blog), due any time in the next couple of months. Yes, I am going to be a Sea Lion auntie! Words can not describe how happy our team is.

Ady is doing very well, steadily putting on the kilos; she has gone from a trim 83 kilos to 100 kilos, making movement a bit slower and she does a very pregnant waddle. She is a little less active at the moment, as any pregnant lady is allowed to be, so if you are looking for her she may be sleeping on the rocks, having a day off exhibit or hanging out in the maternity pool.

Most of the sea lion pups born at Adelaide Zoo have been born in the maternity pool area so we are getting Ady used to going in there. In the end she will get the choice of where she will give birth but until then we get to spend some quality time with her. We take daily trips with her into the maternity pool area, we sit in the sunshine, do some training, she takes occasional dips into the pool and eats some fish…sounds like a rough job, doesn’t it?

The other day I had a very special moment with Ady; one of her trained behaviours is to lie down so we can do a check over her body and flippers. When I placed my hands on her stomach I felt the very strong heartbeat of our soon to be pup. I think my heart skipped a beat.

And we can't forget about soon to be dad, Tasko. He is missing playing with Ady in the main pool, so he gets to have more interaction/training with us. I have been amazed at how intelligent Tasko is. My fellow keeper Chris showed me the range of trained behaviours Tasko knows, from flipper waving to rolling on his back. He does every behaviour with enthusiasm, then impatiently waits for you to ask for the next one, sometimes pre-empting you and just doing any behaviour to show off his talent. We can't wait to start training with him on some new behaviours and get back into doing our public feeding/training sessions.

Make sure you stay tuned for updates regarding Adys pregnancy!

Carnivore Keeper, Adelaide Zoo




Congrats Ady
Posted By: Carla Haskell on Thursday, September 09, 2010 1:37pm

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