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Don't Palm Us Off

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 9:58am
Don't Palm Us Off

Our CEO, Chris West, recently spoke to 891 ABC about palm oil labelling in Australia. Click here to listen to this interview or read the transcript and let us know what you think about this important debate.

Click here for more information about the Don't Palm Us Off campaign.



Read some comments we received after this radio interview:

I heard Chris West speak on ABC radio today about the palm oil posters in the orangutan enclosure, informing consumers about the threat posted to the Orangutans by deforestation in South East Asia caused by converting rainforest to palm oil plantations. As an interested individual, not aligned with any group, I would like to thank the Adelaide Zoo for showing courage in this matter, helping highlighting this issue, and enabling consumers of products that contain palm oil to make informed choices.  I am now keen to research the palm oil issue, and will double check the labels of the products I buy to make sure they don't contain unsustainable palm oil.

I got this from a Google listing leading to your website: 'The Adelaide Zoo is dedicated to conservation and public education about animal habitat and endangered species'. Your stand on palm oil is therefore totally appropriate - and admirable! Pls keep up the good work and do not bow to the pressures of tourism and short-term ecomonics. Thank you. 

I notice on the ABC news web site an article indicating your facility has come under criticism for having anti palm oil posters around the Orang Utan exhibit. We done! Leave them there, please. It has been my experience that when people see Orang Utans up close and learn of their plight as a species they are receptive to what they can do to help. Great work.

I just wanted to send an email of absolute support for the zoo's right to educate against the use of Palm Oil. The public have a right to this information and to make educated decisions on the products that they buy as a direct result of this informaiton. I applaud your decision and hope that you stand firm. I have personally adopted 5 orangutans in Malaysian Borneo so far and intend to continue educating my students as to the plight of these beautiful beings.

Folks, I entirely agree with your stance and support your efforts to stop deforestation of Orangutan habitats. I've stopped buying Nestle products using palm oil out of conscience and awareness. Congratulations to Doctor West for making this a worldwide issue. Your message stretches far. Aussie in China.


People can go to a sight called TRUTH IN LABELLING,and vote. Senator Nick Xenephon is trying to get a bill passed in parliment, that companies that use palm oil in their products have to declare this on their labelling, at the moment companies are passing palm oil off as vegetable oil.PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION SAVE OUR FAMILIES OF ORANGUTANS AND PIGMY ELEPHANTS.HAVE A HEART
Posted By: Donna on Thursday, September 23, 2010 6:31pm

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