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New Orang-utan Arriving Today

Thursday, January 13, 2011 2:45pm
orangutan kluet_ D Mattner orangutan karta_D Mattner

It is exciting times in the orang-utan building at the moment. Today we are receiving a female Sumatran Orang-utan from Perth Zoo. Her name is Puspa which means flower bud in Indonesian.

Puspa was born in Perth Zoo on the 30th of January 1975 so she will be turning 36 soon. She is coming to Adelaide Zoo in the hopes that eventually she will breed with Kluet our male Sumatran Orangutan. Puspa has successfully raised her own baby while at Perth Zoo so it is hoped that she will go on to do the same here in Adelaide. This is great news for Adelaide Zoo, and we are also hoping that Karta our female Sumatran Orang-utan will pick up some baby raising tips as well!

We have been spending the last few days preparing everything for Puspa’s arrival. We have been gathering up all her favourite foods and comfort items such as blankets so that she will feel settled into her new home as quickly as possible. Puspa has her keeper from Perth travelling with her and staying at Adelaide Zoo for a week to help her adjust to the new surroundings.

We are certain that Kluet will love having a new female in the building and it will be interesting to see how Karta takes no longer being Kluet’s only love interest.

Puspa will initially be quarantined in the orang-utan building but as we do not anticipate her having any health issues we are hoping that the quarantine period will only be around 2 weeks and then we can begin the slow introduction between Kluet and Puspa. We do not have a date yet that Puspa will be on display for the visitors of Adelaide Zoo as this will depend on how long she needs to stay in quarantine and how quickly she settles in but watch this space and I will keep you informed!!

Breeding Sumatran Orangutans will be a wonderful success for not only Adelaide Zoo but the species as a whole. Sumatran Orangutans are critically endangered in the wild due to deforestation predominantly caused by the Palm Oil industry.


Jodie Ellen.
Orangutan Keeper




How exciting! I hope Puspa likes Kluet :)
Posted By: Amy Atherton on Thursday, January 13, 2011 3:28pm
I have seen Puspa many times in the Perth zoo. She will be a real asset here. Welcome Puspa. :)
Posted By: Net on Thursday, January 13, 2011 3:30pm

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