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My Working Week

Sunday, February 08, 2009 4:15pm
serval 022_DM.jpg serval 019_DM.jpg

So far in this blog I’ve told you about events that have already taken place…so to change things up a bit I thought I’d tell you about my up coming working week.

Monday the 9th of February (day 1) is going to be a big day…so much is happening… I’ll arrive at work tomorrow around 7:30am and will have maybe 30 minutes to check, catch, box, weigh, recheck…and finally send a female Fennec Fox to Taronga Zoo in Sydney (she’s booked on a flight early morning so there’s not much room for error on my part).  She’s left here for breeding purposes and on Tuesday we will receive a male from Taronga…also for breeding purposes…Exciting! 

I will be working late Monday night due to an after hours Zoo function so no doubt I’ll fall into bed around 9:30pm with my mind racing over all the exciting things tomorrow has in store………..

Tuesday the 10th of February (day 2) will be flat out!!!  A male Fennec Fox will arrive from Sydney and will need to be settled in to his new home.  Two hours earlier however, a female Serval should have arrived from New Zealand and need to go into quarantine.  With those two arrivals dealt with I will need to start preparing for two more animals arriving tomorrow night.  Wednesday won’t be overly busy but it will be a long day, as two of my favourite animals to work with arrive……..

Wednesday the 11th of February (day 3) is going to be a tiring day. My job on Wednesday (apart from looking after the animals under my care for the day) is to ensure everything is ready for the arrival of our new Australian Sea lions………………... 

I’ll finish work at 5’ish; dash home to see the kids and get them to bed and then back to the Zoo to finish readying for the Sea lions.  Off to the airport to collect them in the cool of the night and intro them to their new home.  Home before midnight…hopefully!

Thursday (12th) through Sunday (15th) February (days 4-7) will be hard to top!  Settling in two Australian Sea lions to their new home is something I’m very much looking forward to.  Building trust; building a rapport; building a long-term relationship with some large, friendly, intelligent carnivores…I just can’t wait!!!!!!!


They are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute like
Posted By: Nicole Stott on Wednesday, May 06, 2009 12:54pm

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