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Animal Adoption

Buying Adoption as a Christmas Gift?

Be sure to apply or renew your Zoos SA Adoption before 12pm Thursday 19 December for your gift to be received before Christmas. Delivery times may vary for rural or interstate deliveries/post.

If you still want to purchase a gift after 19 December, then head to the Santos Conservation Centre at Adelaide Zoo.

Be a Lifesaver

Adopt an Animal

With a Zoos SA’s animal adoption, you can not only deepen your relationship with a favourite animal, you’ll be helping us to save species from extinction.

Animal adoptions are ideal as a gift for friends and family.

All animal adoptions are 100% tax deductable.

All animal adopters receive:

  • A beautiful certificate and photo-card of your adopted animal
  • Information about your adopted animal
  • A Zoo Times magazine twice a year and our fortnightly Zoo e-news
  • 100% tax deductibility on your adoption
  • Other items based on your contribution, like a soft toy for adoptions over $120. These cute cuddly creatures help you demonstrate your support for Zoos SA and also spread our conservation message.

Step One

Choose your favourite species from the below list;

  • African Lion
  • Bilby
  • Cheetah
  • Chimpanzee
  • Giraffe
  • Hippopotamus
  • Meerkat
  • Orangutan
  • Rhinocerous
  • Sumatran Tiger
  • Tasmanian Devil
  • White-cheeked Gibbon

Step Two

Decide on your level of support

Level 1 - $100 to $119 
An amount which is equivalent to food for your animal for one year.

Level 2 - $120 to $550 
An amount which is equivalent to food and veterinary checks to keep your animal healthy for one year. This level includes a soft toy of the animal you adopt and a thankyou card sent during the year.

Level 3 - $551+ 
An amount which will provide the best chance for your animal to breed and help protect the species. This level includes a soft toy of the animal you adopt and a thankyou card sent during the year.

Step Three

Tell us about you and adopt away!

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