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Zoos South Australia is the only not-for-profit metropolitan zoo in Australia that is not government owned and operated. We provide conservation education, as well as supporting and conducting many conservation, breeding and research programs. As part of our conservation efforts we run Adelaide and Monarto Zoos.

Zoos act as windows into the natural world and provide a platform for discovery, learning and enjoyment through an interaction with wildlife.

To fund our vital conservation work, care for our animals, and provide visitors with a unique wildlife experience, we rely on a set of diverse income streams including admissions, membership, animal adoption, animal close encounters, corporate sponsorship, bequests, donations and some Federal and State Government grants.


For all media enquiries, please contact Public Relations by phone +61 8 8230 1237 or via email.


Cost of filming:

Commercial filming and photography fee is from $400 per hour or $4,000 per day plus GST.

  • Additional fees for specific requirements may apply.
  • Fees may not be charged if Zoos South Australia (ZSA) is highlighted or mentioned in the editorial/script.
  • Fees may be negotiable if the filming/photography is for educational purposes.

Conditions of filming:
1. (a) The ZSA reserves at its absolute discretion the right to refuse permission for photography on its premises.
    (b) The ZSA reserves the right to refuse permission for photography which in its opinion may be in bad taste and/or damage the reputation of the organisation, its staff, voulnteers and members.

2. Animals must not be unduly disturbed or distressed in order to obtain preferred positions or special effects.  Neither must they be handled by any person except under the supervision of a senior Zoo officer.

3.  Filming must not interfere with normal Zoo working nor cause inconvenience to the public.

4. Damage to property of the ZSA or any member of the public present upon the Zoo premises which is caused by the Hirer or his Servants or Agents will in every case be the responsibility of the Hirer and will be compensated for entirely by him.

5. The Hirer and their Agents enter upon the premises of Adelaide and Monarto Zoos and Warrawong Sanctuary entirely at their own risk and the ZSA is not responsible for injury to the person or damage to the property of the Hirer or Agents whether caused by the negligence of the ZSA or its Agents otherwise.

6.  In the event of personal injury being incurred by others than the animal attendant, the Hirer must accept full responsibility.  Veterinary fees resulting from injury to any animals is the Hirers expense and in the case of animal death, compensation to be paid at animal replacement value.

7.  Payment will be made within 30 days of receipt of official the ZSA account.

8.  No commercial/major filming is undertaken during any high visitation period, unless urgent and in that case each request will be assessed prior to approval.

9. The ZSA may waive part or all of the above fees if it considers there is an overriding benefit. Such cases may include proposals with a strong educational or conservation focus, or proposals with a promotional or other benefit for the ZSA. The waiving of fees is entirely at the discretion of the ZSA.

For more information please contact Public Relations for further information.


We encourage students to engage with our staff and volunteers, remarkable animal residents and conservation achievements. Zoos provide an excellent backdrop for student curriculum-based photography and film projects, often based on some of the world’s most endangered creatures’ physical and psychological needs, including threats and opportunities for conservation. Student projects about wildlife can be a powerful way of communicating the importance of animal and habitat preservation to their peers and local community.

Students are most welcome to visit Adelaide or Monarto Zoo to complete education projects (please contact the Zoos SA Education department to enquire about reduced rates for educational purposes). Photography and filming of animals is acceptable from the front of animal enclosures. Modern exhibit design allows for close contact with countless animal species in a semi-natural environment. Should you wish to experience or document an off-limits area of the zoo there are several behind the scenes animal experiences available for purchase.

Please be respectful of staff and animals at all times. For full terms and conditions click here.

Due to animal care and existing media commitments, keepers and other zoo staff are not available to contribute to your research or participate in your photography or film projects.

For more information about completing curriculum-based photography and film projects at the zoo visit the Zoos SA Education page.


Photography is permitted at Adelaide and Monarto Zoos with prior approval. Commercial photography may incur a fee. Please contact Public Relations to discuss your request. 


Images are available on request and must be credited to Zoos South Australia. Use of images for commercial purposes may incur a fee. To request an image please contact Public Relations


All materials and images published on this site are copyright to Zoos South Australia, unless otherwise stated.

Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research or review, as permitted under the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced or re-used for any commercial purposes whatsoever without prior written permission of the ZSA. Requests for permission can be made via e-mail or by phoning Public Relations on +61 8 8230 1237.

Certain images are published here by the ZSA with kind permission of the original copyright holders. For this reason requests for permission to use certain images may be redirected to the original copyright holder.

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