The world class solution engineered by CTG for Zoos SA at Monarto Zoo has enabled the public to view incredible CCTV vision of the chimpanzees, including the birth of the first Monarto chimpanzee baby. Based on previous CCTV solutions delivered by CTG  at the Naracoorte Bat Cave, and the Mulu Bat Cave in Borneo, the Monarto solution enhances the experience of the public by allowing them to view wildlife in their natural habitat.

CTG can provide a full range of electronic security consulting services including;

  • electronic surveillance planning and infrastructure provision (either for enclosed or open spaces);
  • providing advice and design solutions for security control room fit-out and construction, with a particular emphasis on ergonomics and operator interface;
  • working with clients’ architectural design and construction teams to lessen the potential for security design flaws while maximising economic installation and construction work flow;
  • providing extensive systems integration advice and solutions, with particular emphasis on the maintenance of security as retro-fits proceed;
  • recommendations for appropriate infrastructure purchases without being aligned to any one supplier;
  • acting as a source for recommendations for sub-contractors and specialist trades people suitably qualified and experienced in security and surveillance installation;
  • providing training to operators and locally based trades people and contractors to lessen the need to ‘import’ expensive specialist repair or maintenance crews;
  • providing advice, computer-based solutions and expertise in system documentation, to facilitate timely fault location and repair

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Zoos SA is a not-for-profit conservation charity that exists to connect people with nature and save species from extinction.

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