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Monarto Safari Park keepers have had their hands full over the last week, working around the clock to hand raise a tiny giraffe calf

Born during the night of Monday, 29 January to first-time mum, Thula, the little female calf started out life strong and healthy.

However, by Wednesday morning Thula had begun to display some behaviours that keepers found concerning.

Our keeping team monitored our first-time parents very closely and unfortunately it seemed Thula wasn’t taking to motherhood particularly well.

When the young giraffe would approach Thula for milk, she would respond with aggression and wouldn’t allow it to feed.

Staff were then faced with the crucial decision of whether to intervene and remove the calf from the herd to hand raise it.

After much medical and animal husbandry consultation, the decision was made to transfer the baby giraffe to a specialised holding shed for intensive care.

Once the little giraffe arrived, her medical condition was assessed and keepers began the difficult task of teaching her to bottle feed.

Now, the not-so-little bundle of joy is drinking well, growing everyday and has even started exploring the outside world. But she still has a way to go before she reaches the heights of her adult family members.

Monarto Safari Park is proud to have the most successful giraffe breeding program in Australasia, our newest little girl marking the 44th calf to be born at the zoo.

Help our keepers care for the little calf and continue our vital breeding program by making a donation today.

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