Phascogales cross border in bid to save species

Fourteen locally extinct Red-tailed phascogales have been reintroduced to Mallee Cliffs National Park in western New South Wales this week in a partnership between Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and Zoos SA. The 12…

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Zoos SA’s Wellness Program

Zoos SA’s wellness program is well underway – meditate with monkeys, greendesk with the gibbons and ramble near the rhinos…   As Adelaide’s Wellfest launches and World Mental Health Month is in full swing, Zoos SA is inviting members, visitors,…

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Mishry the Red Panda almost touches noses with her keeper, Laura. Adelaide Zoo

Endangered Red Panda joins Bamboo Forest

Adelaide Zoo is excited to announce that Mishry, a two-year-old Red Panda, has moved into the Bamboo Forest exhibit at Adelaide Zoo. “Mishry arrived on the 13th April from Tarongo Zoo. She spent four weeks in quarantine and has now…

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How you helped us make an impact in January

As a conservation charity, one of the most rewarding parts of our job is telling our community about the amazing things they’ve helped us accomplish. That’s why we’re launching monthly ‘Impact Updates’ so that you can read all about the ways…

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Zoos South Australia bushfire ZAA wildlife conservation fund appeal

We need your help to protect bushfire-affected wildlife

Ecologists estimate we’ve lost over one billion Australian animals – mammals, birds and reptiles – since the catastrophic blazes gripping the country began, with untold others sick, injured, suffering and displaced. The animals that have survived now face a tough time ahead,…

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Christmas Zoos South Australia Zoos SA 2019

Merry Christmas and thank you!

It’s Christmas, friends! The year is almost over and we’d like to say a huge thank you to our incredible wild family for helping us connect more people than ever before to nature and continue to save amazing species from…

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So you want to be a zoo keeper?

To celebrate International Zookeeper Day we asked some of our wonderful keepers to share their stories of how they came to work at Zoos SA What qualifications and experience do you need to become a zoo keeper? It’s a question…

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Plastic Zoos South Australia Zoos SA

It’s time to ditch the plastic habit

It’s no secret that plastic is wreaking havoc on our wildlife. We’re sure you’ve heard the horrifying statistics: 95% of packaging is discarded after a single use; 85% of Australian seabirds are affected by plastic pollution; by 2050 the ocean…

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One step closer to saving rhinos

Zoos South Australia is pleased to announce the next exciting step in bringing our Southern White Rhino sanctuary to life is complete! This week, our partner The Australian Rhino Project (TARP) signed an agreement with accredited sanctuary and rhino orphanage…

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Baby baboon born at Adelaide Zoo!

It’s all smiles and celebrations here at Adelaide Zoo thanks to the birth of a beautiful baby Hamadryas Baboon! Arriving in the early hours on Saturday morning, August 25, this adorable infant was born to parents Chappi and Horus. Adelaide…

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Spring has sprung at Adelaide Zoo

‘Awwws’ are ringing loud and clear around Adelaide Zoo with lots of new faces joining the family last month! With the pitter-patter of little feet all over the zoo, Adelaide Zoo turned into a maternity ward with lots of adorable…

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It’s time to rethink the modern zoo

What do the Pygmy Blue-Tongue Lizard, Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby and Przewalski’s Horse all have in common? Well, for one thing they’ve all been on the brink of extinction; for another, they very likely wouldn’t be around today if not for the…

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Zoos SA receives Advanced Ecotourism certification

Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park can now lay claim to being among Australia’s leading and most innovative ecotourism attractions. We’re thrilled to share the news Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park have received Advanced Ecotourism certification through Ecotourism Australia….

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Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby

Saving the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby

Two decades ago, Zoos SA embarked on a historic journey to bring the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby back to the wilds of Australia. Once wide-spread throughout the Flinders Ranges and even found through north-west New South Wales and south-west Queensland in the…

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To the wild for our Western Swamp Tortoises

Next week, five Adelaide Zoo-bred critically endangered Western Swamp Tortoises will return to Western Australia to prepare to be released into the wild. Hatching at Adelaide Zoo over the past two years, these tortoises will play a vital role in…

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Adelaide Zoo re-opening gates at 9:30am

After yesterday’s disruption, Adelaide Zoo will be open today as per usual opening hours with Emergency Services confident that the zoo is now safe for public entry. Emergency Services have advised there is no longer a risk to public safety,…

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Adelaide Zoo safe and open for business

Adelaide Zoo will be open from Saturday 28 May 2016 as per usual opening hours with Emergency Services confident that the zoo is now safe for public entry. Based on their investigations, Emergency Services have advised there is no longer a…

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Zoos SA Ice Cream Freezer Share Allocation

Zoos SA advises that it has reached the one year mark of its three year ice cream supply agreements with Golden North and Streets Ice Cream. In line with the announcement made last year, the contractual agreements stipulated each supplier…

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Zoos SA Celebrates 40,000 Members

Zoos South Australia (Zoos SA) is celebrating a significant milestone in its 137 year history, welcoming a record 40,000 members to the conservation-based charity that runs Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park. The record-breaking achievement was reached earlier this month…

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South African Safari

In my holidays in August, I travelled to Southern Africa to host the Zoos SA Mokhohlolo Tour –a unique opportunity for guests to see firsthand what is being done by game rangers to try and save rhinos from extinction. Mokhohlolo…

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Get Back to Nature This School Holidays

Budding jungle explorers can run wild this school holidays with the opening of Adelaide’s hottest new kids attraction at Adelaide Zoo, Nature’s Playground. To kick off the school holidays, little monkeys can discover the nature inspired play equipment with climbing…

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Miracle Chimp Makes Public Debut

To mark the public debut of Monarto Safari Park’s miracle Chimpanzee infant, zoo keepers have bestowed the little man with a special and befitting name – Boon. The orphaned infant, whose mum Soona tragically passed away Friday shortly after giving…

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Monarto Safari Park Mourns Loss of Chimpanzee

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of our 19 year old female Chimpanzee Soona, who was expecting her first infant. Miraculously, Soona’s infant has survived and expectant female Zombi is currently caring for it. The Chimpanzee…

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Big Bundle of Joy Debuts at Monarto

Monarto Safari Park is celebrating the birth of an endangered Southern White Rhinoceros calf born in the early hours of Saturday 12 September to mother Umqali. The birth of the zoo’s fifth rhino calf kicks off an exciting time at…

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2015 Giant Panda Breeding Season Underway

The 2015 Adelaide Zoo Giant Panda breeding season is currently underway as Fu Ni heads towards the peak of her yearly oestrous cycle. Introductions between Wang Wang and Fu Ni began this morning in the Bamboo Forest. Giant Panda reproductive…

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Giant Panda

Countdown to Giant Panda Breeding Season Begins

As the temperature across Adelaide begins to rise, so too have Giant Panda Fu Ni’s hormone levels, marking the official start to the 2015 Adelaide Zoo Giant Panda breeding season. Giant Panda reproductive specialist Professor Tang of the China Conservation…

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Happy Birthday Fu Ni!

On Sunday 23 August, Adelaide Zoo is throwing a special birthday party – Fu Ni the Giant Panda is turning nine years old. Fu Ni will be treated to specially prepared panda treats and hum-animals will be encouraged to join…

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Orphaned Tree Kangaroo Saved in World First

In a world first for conservation, Adelaide Zoo Keepers and Veterinarians saved the life of an orphaned Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo through utilising a surrogate wallaby mother – a technique never attempted before with a tree kangaroo. Today, the joey will…

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Search for the Striped Legless Lizard

The Striped Legless Lizard (Delma impar) is one of South Australia’s rarest reptiles.  It’s a grassland specialist that was historically considered to be widely distributed in low altitude tussock grasslands in south-eastern Australia.  However, the loss and fragmentation of grassland…

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Happy National Volunteer Week

This week marks National Volunteers Week, the perfect time for us to reflect on and recognise the amazing contribution volunteers around the country make. We are so fortunate here at Zoos SA to have more than 600 volunteers dedicate their…

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Bushfire Joeys Given a New Lease on Life

Adelaide Zoo is pleased to announce the release of six bushfire survivor joeys to a private property in Rockleigh on Monday last week. The release follows a three month intensive treatment program after bushfires devastated the Adelaide Hills in January….

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Help Name our Macaw!

Our spectacular young Blue and Gold Macaw needs a name and we need your help to find it! The beautiful boy was born on 28 May 2014 and was hand-reared by the Bird Team. When he’s fully grown it’s hoped that he will star in…

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Fourth National Giant Panda Survey Results

Over the weekend China announced some exciting news for Wang Wang and Fu Ni’s wild black and white cousins. The results of China’s Fourth National Giant Panda Survey recorded a 16.8% rise in wild panda numbers over the past decade…

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Adelaide Zoo Cares for Bushfire Survivors

The Adelaide Zoo Animal Health Centre is hopping with some very special visitors, nine kangaroo joeys that are being tenderly cared for after sustaining burns as a result of the Adelaide Hills bushfires. The bushfire survivors started arriving at the…

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South East Asian Aviary Takes Flight

Adelaide Zoo is pleased to announce the re-opening of the much loved South East Asian Aviary after a series of redevelopments over 2014. During an official ribbon cutting ceremony today, Zoos SA Chief Executive, Elaine Bensted will welcome visitors into…

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Christmas Baby Joy at Adelaide Zoo

A very special Christmas present has arrived a few days early at Adelaide Zoo with the birth of an infant Hamadryas Baboon. The birth is a great success for the zoo and the species, with the last infant baboon born…

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What’s your Earth Number? Zoos SA’s is 25 for the number of conservation programs we run and support here in Austra…

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