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With just 7,000 Sumatran Orangutans estimated to be left in the wild, figures suggest this critically endangered species could become extinct within the next ten years as the population continues to decline by as many as 1,000 a year.
Whether it’s $1 or $1 million dollars, every cent is vital in helping us continue our important work caring for these amazing creatures and saving species from extinction.

Give me a Klue

Give me a Klue

Kluet, our musically-inclined Sumatran Orangutan, released his debut single ‘Give me a Klue’ to mark World Orangutan Day.

Recorded on his keeper’s phone using the Garage Band app, the funds raised from the sale of this single will go towards enrichment, medical and husbandry items for our three resident Sumatran Orangutans.

Our dedicated keepers are always looking for interesting, challenging and fun activities to keep our Orangutans happy and healthy – making music is just one of the many ways we enrich their daily life.

The release of Kluet’s song coincides with World Orangutan Day, an annual event aimed at drawing attention to the plight of orangutans in the wild.

As a conservation charity, we are committed to helping save orangutans in the wild. Through our partnership with Wildlife Asia, we support habitat protection and rescue efforts for this iconic species.

There’s a new big name on the Adelaide music scene, and he’s sure to have fans going ape!

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