Zoos SA provides the best in care for our animals through a science-based approach to animal welfare. The Five Domains model examines the environment, behaviour, nutrition, health and positive mental state of an animal to ensure positive wellbeing.

Research has found that regularly immersing ourselves in nature is linked to better health and wellness outcomes; that’s why we are applying the Five Domains model to you – our members, visitors, staff and volunteers.

You deserve to be treated like one of our animals…

Our wellness program will compliment, enhance and create new offerings for your visit – we can’t wait to share it with you.


Working and meeting outdoors has been proven to be more effective than reaching for a cup of coffee! Immersing yourself in nature sharpens thinking, reduces stress levels, lowers heart rate, improves short-term memory and boosts mental energy and creativity.

We are encouraging businesses and individuals to leave their offices and bring their work to Adelaide Zoo. Instead of staring at the same four walls, use our lush bird-song filled green spaces, large tables, benches and winding walkways to bring out the best in your thinking and productivity. And see the animals too!

Green Desking is a novel offering allowing businesses to show their thought and commitment to their workers’ mental health and wellness.

For information or to express interest in the program, please contact marketing@zoossa.com.au

Trails at the Zoo


Explore the zoo, finding the locations below and learning about how we’re working towards a greener future through innovative solutions and creative initiatives.
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Mindfulness is being present in the moment, which means being fully focused and engaged. You can see it as taking ‘time out’ and allowing all your senses the chance to work fully and absorb the moment that you’re in. If it sounds simple that’s because it is!
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Take your thinking out of the box-like office and bring it to the green oasis of Adelaide Zoo. We encourage you to visit and give your brain a workout while enjoying the inspiring species and surroundings.

We have five stations marked on our maps with a thought-provoking question at each: a perfect way to get the cogs turning and to prepare you and your team for your own problem solving and creative thinking.
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Wild Walks

Monarto Safari Park has over 10km of walking tracks that take in an array of stunning wildlife and plant species. Leave any worries in the car park as you take to the tracks and breathe in the fresh air that rolls across the Monarto Plains. Along the way, you’ll see African species of zebra and giraffe as well as native flora and fauna.

Our trails feature signage along the route so that you can indulge your brain as well as work your heart, lungs and feet! Return to your car refreshed and recharged.

We recommend that you wear a hat, carry water and stick to the path at all times. Please note, trails will be closed on extreme weather days.

Take a self-led wander or join former Zoos SA President, Heather Caddick, for a Spring Bush Walk 

Step up!
Emu Wallaby Track – 1.5km – 1,970 steps
Ridge Track – 1.6km – 2,100 steps
Malleefowl Track – 1.2km – 1,575 steps
Creek Track – 1km – 1,300 steps
Boma Track – 1.7km –  2,230 steps
Boma to Cheetah Track – 0.4km – 524 steps
Bretag Track – 0.9km – 1,180 steps

Bird Watching

Due to conservation efforts to nurture, protect and re-establish habitats, Monarto Safari Park is home to a plethora of bird species.

Our walking trails and exhibit areas are abundant with native flora that make the perfect home for bird species. Find a peaceful spot and take time to see how many species you can detect. If you need help, we recommend picking up a copy of Birds of Monarto and take to our trails and exhibits to see if you can spot some of the species.

Taking time out in nature to appreciate nature is beneficial to mental and physical health as well as providing a feeling of wellness.

Want to get involved?

We are seeking partners and supporters to continue to grow the program, including events, mental and physical wellness activities as well as accessibility and inclusion programs.
Get in contact with our team at marketing@zoossa.com.au

What’s your Earth Number? Zoos SA’s is 25 for the number of conservation programs we run and support here in Austra… https://t.co/iS9K9FgAU7

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About Zoos SA

Zoos SA is a not-for-profit conservation charity that exists to connect people with nature and save species from extinction. Zoos SA acknowledges the Country on which we stand always was, and always will be, Aboriginal land and we pay our deepest respect and gratitude to Kaurna (Adelaide Zoo) and Ngarrindjeri (Monarto Safari Park) Elders, past, present and emerging. We undertake critical conservation work throughout Australia and acknowledge the traditional custodians of these lands.

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