CU at the Zoo

Come and do a Children’s University learning activity at Adelaide Zoo

If your school is registered with Children’s University and you have a CU Passport come and join the fun… Present your passport and some ID* at the Zoo entrance and enter the Zoo for only $9… Remember you must have your CU Passport with you and an accompanying adult to receive the CU discount!

[*Your parent or caregiver can help you with ID. All adults and other children visiting the Zoo with you will need to pay standard Zoo entry prices.]

CU at the Zoo activities

Activity 1

Adelaide Zoo provides animal feeding and keeper talks at regular times throughout the weekend and holidays. These talks focus on environmental issues relating to animal species, including positive actions people can take to help save the species from extinction.

These talks usually take about 15 – 20 minutes with an opportunity to ask the Keeper questions related to the species. Every presentation you watch earns you half a hour in your passport. When you have finished for the day fill in your passport and go to the Visitors window (by the front gate) for a stamp. If no one is available at the Visitors window take your passport back to school to get it stamp by your Children’s University teacher.
Feeding times can be found on the website on the Zoos SA website. 

Activity 2

When you arrive at the Zoo ask about our special animal presentations. These presentations are half-hour Children’s University activities.

Activity 3

Explore like a real scientist by observing and recording your favourite animal’s behaviour! Choose from 12 different species around the zoo.

  • Download one or two activity sheets (below) and bring them along to the Zoo. Don’t forget to bring a pencil or pen?
  • You can pick up these free activity sheets from the Visitors window as well (and borrow a pencil!)
  • Get your CU Passport stamped for 30 mins for each Animal Observation activity and earn an additional 30 mins for completing each extension activity.
  • Stamps can be collected at the Visitors window or back at school after you have finished the activity.

Note: Print double-sided (along the short edge) and in black and white to save resources.

Suitable for ages 7-14 years

Read how to do an Ethogram

Download the activity sheets below:

  1. CU observation Gibbons
  2. CU observation Meerkat
  3. CU observation Orangutan
  4. CU observation Otters
  5. CU observation Parrot
  6. CU observation Penguin
  7. CU observation Reptile
  8. CU Observation Sealion
  9. CU observation Tiger
  10. CU observation Wallaby or Kangaroo
  11. CU observation Giant Panda
  12. CU observation Bilby – Nocturnal house
  13. CU observation Long-nosed Potoroo – Nocturnal House
  14. CU observation Spinifex Hopping-mouse Nocturnal house

Cost: $9 to CU Passport holders (must be accompanied by an adult)

Zoo on-line

Now you can watch live animals at Adelaide Zoo on-line as a learning activity

Log in on-line (see below), and then click on submit

  1. Choose an active animal to watch
  2. Print off an ethogram (below) and do the activity
  3. Show your Children’s University Teacher / Coordinator and get your passport stamped
  4. 20 minutes for each animal activity… you can watch for longer if you like. Record your findings on another piece of paper or electronic device.

Use these ethograms to record your learning activity

  1. Ethogram Camera project Bilby
  2. CU Ethogram Camera project Potoroo
  3. CU Ethogram Camera project Spinifex Hopping-mouse
  4. CU Ethogram Camera project Stick-nest Rat
  5. CU Ethogram Camera project Wallaby or Kangaroo

username: education
password: @@education123

Zoo On-line Log in

Enter your postcode, name of school and Children's University passport number. You will enter your username and password on the next page.

For Students

Find our more about Children’s University. Visit the Children’s University website.

About Children’s University

Children’s University Australia is the first Children’s University to be established in Australia.  Like the national organisation, ‘Children’s University Australia’ is hosted and administered by the University of Adelaide on its North Terrace Campus and is a not-for-profit, charitable arm of the University.

Children’s University offers unique learning experiences for children outside of the school environment and recognises achievements through the award of formal certificates. The model leverage’s local educational activity providers and has a strong emphasis on experience as a significant learning tool, acknowledging the value of the range of learning experiences and environments in which children engage.

The Children’s University provides 7 to 14-year-olds (and 5 and 6-year-olds with their families and carers) with high-quality learning outside the normal school day. Learning destinations are places and organisations to which students can travel with their Children’s University passport to learning, a booklet similar to a real passport! CU at the Zoo focuses on animal behaviour, an important concept in scientific knowledge and practice. Students will build personal and social capabilities concerning conservation issues and positive actions that can be taken to save species from extinction.

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About Zoos SA

Zoos SA is a not-for-profit conservation charity that exists to connect people with nature and save species from extinction.

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