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pandaStay connected to our incredible animals

Happiness and hope is a much-needed commodity right now and that’s why, while we might have limited capacity at our physical sites, we want to make sure you still get a healthy dose of animal magic in your day. We’re bringing the zoo to you so you can stay #athomewiththeanimals.

We hope this page, full of videos, live streams directly from Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park, colouring fun and much more, will help you stay connected to nature and bring some joy to you and your family.

In addition, we’ll make sure to keep you updated with fresh animal content on our Facebook pages for Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park and on Instagram at @zoossa!

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Live streams - check out what our animals are up to, LIVE!

Drop in at any time to catch up with Adelaide Zoo’s Giant Pandas Wang Wang and Fu Ni and Monarto Safari Park’s Southern White Rhino bull Ibutho and entire Chimpanzee troop – LIVE! Our live stream cameras will allow you to see the animals throughout the day and watch them feed, sleep, explore and, in the chimpanzees’ case, watch as the three adorable little ones play together.

Can’t see the animals? As our animals’ areas are larger than our cameras can capture and our animals can choose where they hang out, you may not see them at all times. Simply come back later and spot them then.

Giant Panda Cam at Adelaide Zoo

Wang Wang and Fu Ni are Australasia’s only breeding pair of Giant Pandas.

Ibutho (Southern White Rhino) Cam at Monarto Safari Park

Ibutho, Monarto Safari Park’s Southern White Rhino bull is the first resident of our new Wild Africa development. Here you can see him in his night quarters, which is adjacent to his super roomy outdoor yard.

Chimpanzee Dayroom Cam at Monarto Safari Park

Monarto Safari Park is home to twelve cheeky chimpanzees! The group consists of four adult females, four adult males, an adolescent female, a young male and two female infants. Can’t see them right now? Try checking the Habitat cam – they might be outside!

Chimp Cam Bingo!

Take watching our Chimp Dayroom live stream to the next level! Watch the camera and our gorgeous chimpanzee troop carefully and see which behaviours and activities you can mark off. Download and print the activity page here: Chimp Cam Bingo

Chimpanzee Habitat Cam at Monarto Safari Park

Did you know that Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives, sharing approximately 98.7% of our DNA? Can’t see the troop right now? Try checking the Dayroom cam – they might be inside!

Didn't see any animals in our live stream?

Check out our highlights video below.

Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park's San Diego Zoo Kids TV features





Favourite videos of our animals

People of the zoo!

Mr Oopy at Adelaide Zoo

Mr Oopy Visits The Adelaide Zoo Part 1

Mr Oopy Visits The Adelaide Zoo Part 2


Kobe visits Monarto Safari Park!

When 8-year-old Zoos SA member Kobe contacted us to say how he’d like to visit Monarto Safari Park super excited to see what he’d come up with… And boy, is it great! We dare you to watch Kobe’s Monarto Safari Park film and not feel super enthusiastic about our fantastic animals, animal experiences and life itself! See more of Kobe in action on his channel here.

Animal image backgrounds

Make your next Zoom meeting or desktop background a little WILD!

We’ve put together a few of our favourite animal images for you to add as a background next time you have a Zoom meeting or to your computer.

See all images

Wildeverse game

Transform your world into a jungle, find wild apes and protect them now.



Join a crew of wildlife scientists and learn what it takes to keep wild apes safe.

Wildeverse is a virtual reality game, in which you go on missions into the jungle, collect food traces, footprints and uncover illegal activity, and help data heads and science geeks to defend wildlife.

They need your help to collect the data needed to protect the last wild spaces on earth.

Play now

Fun for everyone

Get wild with our pride colouring:

Please note that dates and competitions mentioned on these colouring sheets are closed and not current.


Animal welfare colouring book:

Colouring page




Dinosaurs colouring:

Teddy Bears’ Picnic story-time colouring:

Zoo times puzzle corner:

Puzzle Corner

Animal welfare at home

Pets at home need the same considerations as zoo animals when it comes to nutrition, environment, behaviour and health.

Our Animal Welfare Tool for pets lets you assess the welfare of your animals in your own home, and includes helpful tips and advice for ensuring your pet is leading a happy and healthy life.

Get started

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We don’t know what the future will bring, but, one thing we’re sure of, is that while COVID-19 tries its best to stop us in our tracks, it cannot and will not stop us from our ongoing mission to save animals from extinction

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Roll on July when Light Creatures at Adelaide Zoo starts as part of Illuminate Adelaide.

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