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Zoos SA Ice Cream Freezer Share Allocation

Zoos SA advises that it has reached the one year mark of its three year ice cream supply agreements with Golden North and Streets Ice Cream.

In line with the announcement made last year, the contractual agreements stipulated each supplier would receive 50% of the available freezer space at both sites for the first year, thereby giving each brand sold at the Zoos equal sales opportunities.

The sales recorded in this first year would then determine the freezer share allocation for each ice cream brand until the end of the agreement period. This meant that the resulting split between the brands would be left in the hands of the South Australian public and the tourists visiting our sites.

Ice cream sales for the first year have now been determined and the freezer share allocation for each ice cream brand is as follows:

  • Golden North Ice Cream receive 41% freezer share
  • Streets Ice Cream receive 59% of freezer share.

Both suppliers have been made aware of the results and timing around freezer space changes is being determined.


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