Kenya is home to the critically endangered Black Rhino. There are less than 5,000 remaining in the wild, largely due to poaching.

You can help the community, livestock and wildlife of northern Kenya live together in harmony by purchasing beautiful beaded decorations and jewellery, which are available at our Zoo Shops.

The Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) is a community-led conservation initiative whose members depend largely on livestock for their livelihoods. The NRT is working to develop alternative incomes for these communities and an obvious choice is the stunning beadwork traditionally made and worn by the region’s women. The NRT has established a micro-loan credit system to enable the women to set up small businesses. They are working to train women in business skills and product development as well as providing access to adult literacy classes and health services.

By simply buying a Beads for Wildlife souvenir next time you visit Adelaide or Monarto Zoo, you can help provide relief for wildlife and communities half a world away. Plus you get to take home a beautiful piece of jewellery or hand-made gift. Fewer livestock means more wildlife.

Humans might be ducking for cover in all the rainy weather, but Kath the Galah is absolutely loving it!

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