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What does animal welfare mean to us?

Providing tip-top care for our animals is one of our highest priorities at Zoos SA. We do so using a science-based approach to animal welfare that focuses on the Five Domains: Environment, behaviour, nutrition, health and positive mental state.



Housing, space and facilities that meets the wellbeing of our animals.



Provide opportunities and enrichment program that support our animals to express natural behaviours.



Ensuring appropriate nutrition through diets based on scientific principles.



Providing a high standard of health care for all our animals meeting industry standards.

Mental state

Supporting our animals to have a positive mental state.


As a leader in animal welfare, provide the community with information on welfare of their own animals.

Animal welfare at home

Pets at home need the same considerations as zoo animals when it comes to nutrition, environment, behaviour and health. Our Animal Welfare Tool for pets lets you assess the welfare of your animals in your own home, and includes helpful tips and advice for ensuring your pet is leading a happy and healthy life.


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Animal Welfare Charter

Zoos SA is a long established conservation charity that exists to connect people with nature and save species from extinction. Our aspiration is to lead and inspire conservation action to support global diversity.

As a zoo-based conservation organisation with responsibility for the care of animals in our collection and in the field through our conservation projects, we aim to ensure that our activities are underpinned by high standards in animal welfare that reflect the needs and interests of our animals at all times.


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Zoos SA is a conservation charity that exists to save species from extinction and connect people with nature. We rely on the generous support of the community to care for endangered animals, undertake research and conservation programs and delight and educate zoo visitors.

Your generous donation will support animal care and our wildlife research and conservation programs in our own backyard and across the globe. Donations of $2 or more are 100% tax deductible.

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About Zoos SA

Zoos SA is a not-for-profit conservation charity that exists to connect people with nature and save species from extinction.

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