Over the years Zoos SA has been involved in a wide range of conservation projects. Our efforts have spanned the globe and include captive breeding, habitat restoration, biological surveys, contributing to insurance populations, studies in reproductive biology, conservation education, corporate and community fundraising, wildlife disease management, translocation and community development to foster alternative livelihoods.

Zambian Carnivore Program and Wild Dog Conservation, Zambia

Zoos SA supports conservation activities including research, education, monitoring and mitigating human and carnivore conflict and reintroductions.

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Chipembele, Zambia

Zoos SA has supported several conservation education exchanges in South Australia and Zambia.

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Sera, Kenya

Zoos SA’s supports a micro-loan system which enables the local women to start their own small businesses in Sera,...

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Zoos SA supports the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in the Upper Guinea Forest in Sierra Leone as well as the work of...

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Tetepare, Solomon Islands

A number of initiatives have been set up to help conserve this special place including research and conservation activities...

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Giant Panda

Zoos SA is supporting conservation activities in the Sichuan Province including habitat protection and rehabilitation, education and community engagement.

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Tasmanian Devil

Zoos SA is working with many partner organisations across Australasia in a large collaborative captive breeding and release program...

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Western Swamp Tortoise

Adelaide Zoo received its first Western Swamp Tortoises in 2003 and had its first successful hatchlings in 2012.

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Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby

Zoos SA is involved with captive breeding and cross-fostering the joeys in the pouches of surrogate mothers.

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Regent Honeyeater

A national captive breeding effort is underway and Zoos SA is preparing the artificial incubation and hand-rearing component of...

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Mallee Fowl

Zoos SA is currently keeping a number of Mallee Fowl at Monarto Zoo with plans to undertake captive breeding...

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Brush-tailed Bettong

Zoos SA has been involved in captive breeding of Brush-tailed Bettongs for reintroduction and helped investigate wildlife health concerns...

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Mainland Tammar Wallaby

A team of Zoos SA staff from Monarto Zoo have been involved in the captive breeding and release of...

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Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby

In 1996 Zoos SA contributed to a partnership that reintroduced a population of Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies into Aroona Sanctuary.

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Monarto Restoration Project

The Monarto Restoration Project works to remove pest species from the site and protect and restore the remaining habitat.

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Red-tailed Black-cockatoo

Zoos SA is represented on the national South-eastern Red-tailed Black-cockatoo Recovery Team.

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Black-flanked Rock-wallaby

Zoos SA has joined forces with a range of partners to reintroduce warru into a feral proof fenced area...

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Orange-bellied Parrot

Zoos SA plays a key role in the recovery of this species through captive breeding at Adelaide Zoo.

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Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard

Zoos SA is trialling captive breeding and release for the species.

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We're thrilled to welcome five Cheetah cubs to the Monarto Zoo family! https://t.co/9QD7o1zIzr

About Zoos SA

Zoos SA is a not-for-profit conservation charity that exists to save species from extinction and connect people with nature.


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