Our mission as a not-for-profit conservation society is to save species from extinction and to connect people with nature.  While our vision is to lead and achieve long-term conservation change through our internationally renowned sites, programs and people.

Since 1878, we’ve been a treasured part of the community representing a significant part of South Australia’s heritage and social history.  Since Adelaide Zoo first opened to the public in 1883, many generations of South Australians have shared the wonder of our zoos.

Over the years we’ve been involved in a wide range of conservation projects. These efforts have spanned the globe and include; managing field work, research and breeding programs, contributing to insurance populations, habitat restoration, conservation education and community development to foster alternative livelihoods.

Some conservation highlights include; releasing Monarto Zoo bred Tasmanian Devils to establish a disease free population on Maria Island off the coast of Tasmania; continued support to provide income and life insurance for wildlife rangers in the Sera Conservation in Kenya as well as continued efforts in saving endangered wallaby species through the use of the unique breeding technique, cross-fostering.

Your valuable contribution will provide the much-needed funds to allow us to continue this work and achieve our mission. Donations of more than $2 are 100% tax deductible and will receive an official tax receipt once payment is processed.

Your donation could:

  • $100 purchases a range of materials used for enrichment items needed to keep our animals happy and healthy, like a ball pit for our inquisitive meerkat mob.
  • $200 supports a training program for our presentation animals, like Cooper the Barn Own, who plays an important role in educating the public on conservation issues.
  • $500 provides food for a week for our carnivores – lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
  • $1,000 purchases the anaesthetic required to carry out a vital health check on our larger animals, like our giraffe, Eland or lion.
  • $1,000 + goes towards the myriad of costs involved in carrying out our breeding programs like our wallaby cross-foster program.


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