Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park are closed to the public from 5pm, Wednesday, 25 March 2020 until further notice. For more information CLICK HERE

Zoos SA is a conservation charity with more than 45,000 members.

We are a long established and treasured part of the South Australian community, having shared the wonder of our zoos since 1883.

Our Purpose

is to connect people with nature and save species from extinction.

Our Aspiration

is to lead and inspire conservation action to support global biodiversity.

Our Approach

At the heart of our purpose are a set of principles that guide how we operate:

The care and wellbeing of our animals is a primary consideration at all times in line with our Animal Welfare Charter.

The role of the animals we care for will have a conservation focus and we will reflect our conservation message in all aspects of visitor experience.

We are uniquely placed to reach the community and share what we do to support conservation locally, nationally and globally.

We apply a science-based approach to our conservation work and adopt the highest standards for wildlife health management and husbandry.

We believe that everyone can contribute to conservation and we will deliver experiences that inspire action to save and protect species and their habitats.

We aim to provide visitors an experience that is easy, fun, friendly and meaningful.

We will apply and showcase sustainable practice in the planning, daily operation and management of our zoos.

We are all responsible for providing a safe, positive and enjoyable environment for staff, volunteers, members and partners.

Our success is influenced by innovation, creativity and continuous improvement.

Our partners, sponsors and donors are vital to growing our capacity to deliver on our goals within and beyond our gates.

We are independent and non-party political.

Adelaide Zoo

Zoos SA proudly run Australia’s second oldest zoo, Adelaide Zoo. It’s a relaxing green city oasis and vibrant sanctuary that gives you the feeling of stepping into another world. It’s full of diversity, colour and unique things to see and do. It offers an intimate zoo experience speckled with elements of curiosity, fantasy, fun and surprise. More than 3,000 exotic and native animals call Adelaide Zoo home and enjoy eight hectares of beautiful botanic surrounds.

Monarto Safari Park

Also operated by Zoos SA, Monarto Safari Park is Australia’s largest open range zoo. It’s grown from humble beginnings since it was first established as a breeding and pasture area in 1983. Ten years later it opened to the public and is now home to over 500 animals roaming in amazing vistas. It’s an escape from the city that immerses visitors in a natural safari style setting.

Both zoos have celebrated outstanding breeding success and our captivating, quirky and unique animals have captured the hearts of our visitors.

Beyond our zoos

Our core business continues to focus on zoo visits and educational services which have transformed to become more adaptive, diverse and interactive. However, Zoos SA’s broader commitment to protecting wildlife has significantly grown as we demonstrate world class zoo standards and contribute to local and global efforts to save species.

Zoos SA Strategic Plan and Business Plan

Our strategic plan captures the purpose and spirit of our organisation, and focuses our efforts to deliver  four goals:

  • Connect people with nature
  • Save species from extinction
  • Work in an ethical and sustainable manner
  • Grow a sound and advancing organization

It outlines strategies to deliver our 20-year Master plan, strengthen our role in conservation, create valuable visitor experiences, and ensure we meet and exceed our welfare, industry and legislative responsibilities.

Interactive Strategic Plan

View Zoos SA’s Strategic Plan

A print version can be downloaded here:

Strategic Plan 2017

Five Year Business Plan 2019-2024 – Executive Summary

View Zoos SA 5 Year Business Plan 2019 Executive Summary

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About Zoos SA

Zoos SA is a not-for-profit conservation charity that exists to connect people with nature and save species from extinction.

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