Monarto Zoo Mourns Chimpanzee Infant

Monarto Zoo is mourning the loss of Boon, one of the recently born Chimpanzee infants, after he passed away early yesterday morning. Zoo staff are extremely saddened by the loss as the infant’s passing marks a heartbreaking end to a…

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Miracle Chimp Makes Public Debut

To mark the public debut of Monarto Zoo’s miracle Chimpanzee infant, zoo keepers have bestowed the little man with a special and befitting name – Boon. The orphaned infant, whose mum Soona tragically passed away Friday shortly after giving birth…

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Monarto Zoo Mourns Loss of Chimpanzee

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of our 19 year old female Chimpanzee Soona, who was expecting her first infant. Miraculously, Soona’s infant has survived and expectant female Zombi is currently caring for it. The Chimpanzee…

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**Otter pup name announcement!** Keepers have christened our girl Mali, meaning Jasmine Flower & our boy Rama, mea…

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