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Aim higher for conservation and help us save species from extinction.

It’s no secret that we’re losing species at an unprecedented rate. In fact, animals are going extinct at a rate of up to one thousand times higher than before humans lived on earth. So, while we’ve always been serious about spreading the message of conservation,  we’re upping the ante.
Because with species disappearing this fast, there’s no time to waste.

And, sadly, they will keep continuing to happen unless we do something about it.

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With your support we can help creatures, big and small, before it’s too late. By making a donation today you’ll be giving endangered species a second chance at survival.

It’s time to aim higher for conservation.
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All donations of $2 and more are tax deductible. 
As a conservation charity, we rely heavily on our supporters to help us continue our valuable breeding and conservation programs. When you donate to Zoos SA, you’re helping to care for the wonderful animals in our zoos and support our conservation projects in the wild. We love being able to help save incredible species like the Pygmy Blue-tongue lizard, the Przewalski’s Horse and the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby.

Where does your money go?

Every dollar you contribute makes a big difference in helping to save species from extinction and connect people with nature. To learn more about us visit the annual reports section of our website.

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About Zoos SA

Zoos SA is a not-for-profit conservation charity that exists to connect people with nature and save species from extinction.

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