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When a single Cheetah cub was born at Monarto Safari Park late in the night on Sunday 5 March, keepers were delighted but concerned.

The single cub

On 5 March, a single female cub was born to seven-year-old Quella.

But when particular big cat species like Cheetah give birth to one cub, called a singleton, they cannot produce enough milk to sustain their newborn.

Keepers and the dedicated veterinary team acted quickly, taking the newborn into 24-hour, round-the-clock human care, including feeds every two hours.

The tiny tot was kept safe and warm in her humidicrib with a few fluffy friends, including a heartbeat teddy and a Cheetah plush toy complete with teats to teach her how to suckle.

She was getting stronger each day, but to provide her the best welfare outcome the team knew she needed to be with other Cheetah…

A second birth

This is where this spotty ‘tail’ takes a twist. Quella wasn’t the only Cheetah expecting.

Her sister, Qailee, was due mere days later and on Sunday 12 March, she successfully delivered two tiny cubs. With two cubs in tow, Qailee could produce enough milk to nourish them, and was spotted grooming and feeding straight away.

After hand-rearing the first little cub for eight days, Zoos SA’s dedicated veterinary team had to make the call to try a technique that we believe has never been attempted in Australasia before – cross-fostering Quella’s cub into Qailee’s litter.

Being a member of WAZA, our dedicated staff are often exchanging knowledge with organisations across the world. Di Hakof, Veterinary Nurse and Hospital Manager at Zoos SA, got in contact with White Oak Conservation in the United States, who generously shared their experience of cross-fostering Cheetah.

Creating a family of three

It was early on 14 March, that Di crawled into Qailee’s den to place the single cub in with her new siblings.

“We didn’t want that cub smelling like us, so we rubbed some of the straw that was in the den on the singleton cub and we toileted the others and put some of their urine on the foster cub,” she said

“Then we left… and we waited. Within 24 hours, Qailee was feeding all three cubs and it was amazing.

“It was a huge moment for us as an organisation, as it will inform the way we will breed going forward; such as breeding in pairs or multiples to ensure there is options for cross-fostering or forming a coalition between males.

“You do get attached to the little ones when you are hand raising, but the sweetness of seeing the week pan out after we had done that was just worth every single moment.”

Qailee and her three cubs are now happily snuggling, feeding and spending time bonding as a family.

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What are we doing to support Cheetah in the wild?

Cheetah are vulnerable to extinction with an estimated 6,000 thought to survive across eastern and south-western Africa.

Impacted by habitat loss human-wildlife conflict and the illegal wildlife trade, Zoos SA partners with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) to protect the species in the wild including rescuing cubs from the illegal pet trade and training Livestock Guarding Dogs to protect stock from predators and in turn protect cheetah from conflict with local communities.


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