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Prior to receiving the new M1A1 Abram Tanks the Regiment fielded Leopard 1 tanks and our Battle Group name was Battle Group Leopard with the Mascot being a Black Leopard.

The Regiment upgraded to a bigger and better tank with the M1A1 Abrams so we needed a bigger cat, hence the Lion.

1st Armoured Regiments Battle Group name is now Battle Group Lion, and the Mascot is called Paratus which is our moto.

When the Regiment moved from Darwin in 2018 the previous Mascot was housed at Crocodylus Park in Darwin, so we needed a new Mascot here in Adelaide and the new Lions at Monarto were the obvious choice. Hence Kubwa was selected as the biggest dominant male.

Roll on July when Light Creatures at Adelaide Zoo starts as part of Illuminate Adelaide.

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