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Baby baboon born at Adelaide Zoo!

It’s all smiles and celebrations here at Adelaide Zoo thanks to the birth of a beautiful baby Hamadryas Baboon!

Arriving in the early hours on Saturday morning, August 25, this adorable infant was born to parents Chappi and Horus.

Adelaide Zoo Primate Keeper Sophie Miller said Chappi and Horus are doing a fantastic job looking after the new youngster.

“The baby is clinging quite tightly to mum at the moment and appears to be alert and healthy,” Sophie said.

“At less than a week old, the youngster is already keeping Chappi fairly busy as it takes in its new surroundings and watches brothers Tomkay and Djibouti.”

The new baby has certainly sparked the interest of the two young brothers, especially Djibouti who will celebrate his second birthday in October.

“Djibouti is very playful, so we’re sure he’ll be very excited to have a new sibling in the group,” Sophie said.

“Chappi is letting him have a look at the little one, but she’s keeping the baby quite close until it’s old enough to play.”

The sex of the baby is yet to be confirmed.

Hamadryas Baboons are one of five species of baboon found in harsh dry environments in Africa. Wild populations are under pressure as their habitats are converted into farmlands.

Baboons live in multi-level societies in the wild, with as many as 800 baboons in one area. An adult male dominates his harem with up to 10 females.

Visitors can see the new baby in the baboon enclosure with the rest of the harem, as zoo keepers continue to monitor the family closely.


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