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Spot the pawsome foursome these school holidays

Four fuzzy Cheetah cubs and mum Kuishi have been spotted venturing out of the den for the first time, bringing the cub count to seven at Monarto Safari Park.

Watch as Kuishi (pronounced coo-ish-ee) led her cubs into the outdoor exhibit, with a brave little cub hot on mum’s paws before the three siblings joined them.

Cautious at first, the cubs were quick to gain their confidence and start exploring the new smells, rocks and trees while keeping close to attentive mum.

Keeper Michelle Lloyd says Kuishi’s cubs are coming up to weaning off milk and are developing unique personalities.

“The two boys are more relaxed and chilled as male Cheetahs tend to be as they live in a small group called a ‘coalition’ as adults,” she said.

“The larger girl is a bit feistier and the smaller girl is like mum in that she’s a little standoffish and cautious.”

With seven Cheetah cubs now out and about at Monarto Safari Park, keepers are calling on the help of members, visitors and followers to help name six of the cubs.

You can vote on the Monarto Safari Park website to choose Swahili names for the cubs:

Female names:

  • Doa – meaning spot
  • Nyota – meaning star
  • Mrembo – meaning beautiful
  • Zawadi – meaning gift
  • Ishara – meaning symbol or sign

Male names:

  • Sanamu – meaning statue
  • Moyo – meaning heart
  • Mwindaji – meaning hunter
  • Duma – meaning Cheetah
  • Balozi – meaning ambassador

“As Africa’s most endangered big cat, it is an incredibly special opportunity to be able to see two litters of Cheetah cubs here at Monarto Safari Park,” said Michelle Lloyd.

Visitors can see the young cubs from the Cheetah platform and on the Zu-loop bus these school holidays.

Cheetah are sadly just a spot away from extinction; impacted by habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict and the illegal wildlife trade.

In the last century, the world has lost 90 per cent of the wild Cheetah population and it is estimated only 6,000 remain across eastern and south-western Africa.

Zoos SA partners with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) to lend a paw to this amazing species in the wild through on-ground conservation efforts, research and education.
You can help protect these big cats by donating to Zoos SA, adopting a Cheetah at Monarto Safari Park or taking part in our Cheetah Experience.

You can also support the spotty species by buying a bottle of Kimbolton Wines 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Cheetah Wine’, with part proceeds going towards helping the furry felines.

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