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Monarto Celebrates Digger’s 1st Birthday

Thursday, April 26, 2012 10:32am

While ANZAC Day is celebrated across the country it bears a double significance at Monarto Zoo, marking the birth of its Southern White Rhinoceros, Digger, named in remembrance of this important day.

Born on April 25, 2011, weighing just 45 kilograms, Digger has grown dramatically over the past 12 months now tipping the scales at 720 kilos.

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Zoos SA CEO Resigns

Thursday, April 19, 2012 10:37am

The Royal Zoological Society of South Australia (RZSSA) has today announced the resignation of CEO Chris West following his acceptance of the role as Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

RZSSA President Kevin McGuinness said Dr West has led the organisation through a challenging chapter in its history following a period of significant growth and redevelopment.

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'Switch-off' at Warrawong for Earth Hour

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 4:51pm

As part of the 2012 Earth Hour celebration Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary will be ‘switching off’ by holding a candlelit dinner and nocturnal walk in support of the global movement.

The package offers Adelaide Hills residents a chance to participate in Earth Hour, which during the 2011 celebrations saw hundreds of millions of people worldwide switch off their lights for an hour.

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White-cheeked Gibbon takes first swings at Adelaide Zoo

Wednesday, February 01, 2012 4:58pm

Adelaide Zoo’s White-cheeked Gibbon baby, born September 14, 2011, has taken her first swings alone under the watchful eye of doting mother, Viet.

After spending the first few months of life clinging safely to mum the baby girl is now venturing out to explore her treetop home.

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Playtime for Adelaide Zoo’s Giant Pandas

Monday, December 19, 2011 5:13pm

From December 17, for the first time, visitors to Adelaide Zoo can view the Zoo’s two Giant Pandas Wang Wang and Funi sharing an exhibit daily.

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Statement - Chris West

Monday, November 14, 2011 2:29pm

The last 6 months has been a time of uncertainty and anxiety. We believe that what we do in Zoos SA is of real value to our local community in many ways and goes above and beyond the support of endangered species.

We have been warmed by a groundswell of community support and concern and feel that some key points are now better understood:-

  • Zoos SA is an independent charitable organisation and not part of government
  • Adelaide Zoo is a major heritage site
  • Zoos SA has grown very significantly over the last few years and now has very significant impacts
  • Economically
    -  $116M/year
    -  Pandas up to $57M/year
  • Socially
    - 2,000 dependent jobs in SA80,000 school students/year
    - 500 volunteers
    - 30,000 members
    - Community Partnerships
    Cultural events
  • We work in partnership with Government across DENR, DECs, SATC and other stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • We take our moral responsibility for addressing increasing animal welfare standards extremely seriously

Going forward, we will build on a strong tradition and pride in achievements that are recognised internationally. We will re-focus on our conservation mission activities and our business activities.

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Statement - Kevin McGuinness

Monday, November 14, 2011 2:24pm

We are pleased to advise that we have reached agreement with both Westpac and the State Government on a plan to restructure the financial position of Zoos South Australia that will enable it to move forward with certainty.

The key elements of the agreement reached are as follows:

  • The Westpac debt will be reset to $7.5 million. The debt will have a 5 year term with the principal to be repayable at the end of the 5 year term if not repaid before this
  • The State Government has agreed to increase the annual Operating Grant to the Society from $3.2 mill to $4.5 mill effective 1 July 2011. This grant will be indexed on an annual basis moving forward. In addition the State Government will meet the interest costs on the Westpac debt.

We believe that the agreement on the Westpac debt combined with agreement with the South Australian Government on the Operating Grant means a viable and more certain future for this iconic South Australian organisation.

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Orang-utan Arriving at the Adelaide Zoo

Thursday, January 13, 2011 9:49am


Today Zoos South Australia is pleased to announce the arrival of a female Sumatran Orang-utan at Adelaide Zoo as part of the international breeding program. Puspa will be making the journey via Adelaide Airport from Perth Zoo with her keeper who will also assist in settling her into her new home alongside Karta and Kluet at Adelaide Zoo.

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Much Loved Sea Lion Pup Passes Away

Friday, November 12, 2010 3:04pm

Media Release

Adelaide Zoo’s much loved female Sea Lion pup passed away through the night of 10 November due to a medical condition.

The female pup was born 31st October to first time Mum Ady, who rejected her upon birth. The pup was being hand-raised at Adelaide Zoo’s Animal Health Centre and seemed to be doing very well for being orphaned.

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