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Our Baby Bandicoots Need Names!

Thursday, April 07, 2011 3:24pm
bandicoot 02.jpg bandicoot 01.jpg

Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary is excited to introduce the newest members of our daily animal shows, two Southern Brown Bandicoots joeys! We stumbled across the two sisters during a recent census; they had been thrown from mum’s pouch just a bit too early, and still required milk. The joeys were taken too Monarto Zoo, where they were fed a milk supplement 4 times a day.

Since they have been back at Warrawong, they have begun the transition to solid foods. The two girls are looking fit and healthy, and very much look forward to their fruit and mealworms every night!

Our little girls are now our new ambassadors in educating the public on the conservation of Southern Brown Bandicoots in the Mount Lofty Ranges. Of the eight Bandicoot species in South Australia, the Southern Brown Bandicoots are the only species left in the wild. They are classified as vulnerable in the Mount Lofty Ranges, mainly due to habitat clearance and predation by feral animals such as foxes and feral cats.

They both have very lively personalities.
One is a little bit bigger than the other and likes to have a nibble on our fingers now and again! They are also beginning to practice there digging skills, which is very important because Bandicoots eat roots, tubers, insects and underground fungus. As well as having a shinny brown coat, the sisters both have their full tails (sometimes joey Bandicoots get their tails nibbled off by their siblings while in mums pouch!)

The only thing these two Bandicoots are missing are names... so help us name our little girls!


Acting Sanctuary Manager, Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary


Posted By: Charlotte on Friday, April 15, 2011 9:13pm
I think you should name these little cuties Precious and Flossy
Posted By: Linda Pennock on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 5:04pm
I think they should be called casey and maecy
Posted By: lizi on Monday, May 02, 2011 5:21pm
They look like Matilda and Kylie to me
Posted By: Di on Tuesday, May 03, 2011 8:52pm
i would like them to be named candy and lolly
Posted By: ashleigh on Monday, May 09, 2011 2:23pm
I think they should be named Katie and Sadie. :)
Posted By: tara on Monday, May 30, 2011 11:55am

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